Mr. & Mrs. Madera Wedding

"Two Souls but a single thought. Two hearts that beat as one" -John Keats


I had the pleasure of being a part of Swerlyn's special day-her wedding. The wedding was at the Walden Yacht Club in Conroe, it was beautiful and the weather cleared in time for the outside ceremony.  

I arrived at 11am and got started on the first bridesmaid Meagan. She was such a pleasure to work with and can we just take a second to admire her natural beauty? She mentioned she hardly goes the whole nine yards with her makeup so I definitely wanted to glam her up. We went for a subtle smokey eye with gold and brown tones to make her brown eyes pop. 

Next was her second bridesmaid, Kelly. Kelly was also such a sweetheart, she requested a look with mauve-pink tones. I kept it soft and romantic and also wanted to make the skin look fresh and healthy.

Lastly the bride; Swerlyn and I had met a few months prior to her wedding date for a trial. The day of the trial I executed her look she wanted for the wedding and also went over some tips she could do to ensure her makeup application would look flawless the day of the wedding.

My goal for her makeup look was to give her a soft timeless and "glowing from within" look. Also per her request, I covered up a scratch she got while at work. Once it was color corrected and covered with foundation, the scratch was no longer visible. 

These girls were such a pleasure to work with, all of them very sweet, friendly and we shared lots of laughs. I would like to thank Mrs. Swerlyn Madera for letting me be a part of her special day-there is nothing more rewarding for me than making women see the beauty that's already there. 




Also a special thanks to JexseStudios and Katy Simmons Photography for the pictures.