How To Depot Your Makeup

'dee-pah-ting: verb

The act of removing makeup products from their packaging to customize, organize, and simplify one's makeup.

Depotting your makeup is a great way to stay clean and organized. There are MANY ways you can depot makeup but with this method I find it saves time and is less messy. 

Things to know before you start:

1. If you do break the makeup, do not panic! You can repair it with alcohol. 

2. Heating the plastic tray will cause the pan to get HOT! Be careful.

3. Not all makeup can be depotted, for example baked products do not have a metal pan. 


What you will need:

-A razor blade/xacto knife 

- A lighter


-A a napkin or cloth to prevent an mess

-Empty magnetic palette (Z palette)

-Magnetic Stickers (Z palette)



Let's get started!

1. Pop out the plastic tray holding the makeup by placing the razor blade into the clasp area and use leverage to separate the inner tray and outer packaging.

2. Heat the plastic tray by placing the lighter directly below the tray (you can use tweezers to hold the tray). Wait 30 seconds and the plastic will begin to melt away. 

3. Carefully take your razor blade and push the metal pan out of the plastic tray.  If the pan doesn’t pop out, you’ll probably need to heat it up again-add more heat!

4. Once you have the metal pan out, it's time to label it. If your makeup is in a magnetic pan it can stick to the palette with no problem. If it is NOT, I recommend using Z palette magnetic stickers. All you have to do is peel off the sticker and press it to the back of your makeup pan-VOILA! You’re done!

Place your depotted makeup into your new palette and Enjoy! 


Watch the deppoting video on my instagram @touchofartistrymua

Watch the deppoting video on my instagram @touchofartistrymua